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Anderson & Knuf is a CPA Firm in Santa Ana, CA. This was an interesting project for me because it meant working with type as a design element, I created the logo and worked with sections to give each collateral piece some individuality.

COLOR 2014

I LOVE everything that has to do with color: color palettes, pantone books, mood boards, and of course those paint swatches at the home improvement stores. I could spend many hours of my day just looking at colorful things and my colors board on Pinterest is one that I visit often. I’m so excited about all the colorful projects that I will be working on at {found} this year. Welcome 2014! May you bring many RGB and CMYK values to our lives!


I designed the poster for the Fullerton Art Walk – January 2014, I took this project as a challenge to unplug and really work with my hands, which is something I love to do but I don’t get to do that often. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to put into practice my recent studies in calligraphy, to open the old binder that holds all my negatives and contact sheets (the strip of film I used is actually from the first roll of black and white film I shot and developed… I can still smell that fixer!), to be able to share one of my first polaroids, and to use some of the materials my boys use when they are making some art and that inspire me so much. Here is the final piece and also some extra shots.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2014!!